Why we build the finest Custom Rifles- X Series™ Precision Rifles

Once a rifle shooter always a rifle shooter.


As a kid in the Blue Ridge mountains of southwest Virginia, you basically grow up with a rifle in your hands from about the age of 12 years old and on. Especially if you came from a family that depended on hunting as a way to put meat on the table. Of course as a kid you also get plenty of practice shooting tin cans, the tops of a daisys and even shooting blades of grass or hay into once you get good enough. Shooting, and particularly shooting a rifle is a way of life in the mountains.


By the time I was 15 years old I had spent a lot of time behind a Sears Ted Williams (Marlin) .22 auto and a Savage .222 bolt rifle that my Dad had given me. I could hit anything that was within a few hundred yards of me everytime.


So my love of rifle shooting came very early in life.


A little later in life I was introduced to High Power Rifle Shooting.


The place was Sir Walter Gun Club in North Carolina, it was a 100 yard monthly match. I had a M1 Garand and sweatshirt and a leather sling. That was how my Service Rifle career started.


Two of my friends and I were shooting this match as a way to practice some rifle for the upcoming Shooting Team Challenge match that was being held in Ft. Lauderdale Florida at the shooting complex there at Markham Park. I didn’t even know what High Power was. But this match seemed like a great way to get some precision rifle practice in. We knew we would be shooting small targets out to 90 yards in the Shooting Team Challenge match and this seemed like a great way to get some experience at that.


It was a 500 agg course of fire. I had never shot this M1 Garand Rifle before so had no zeros. I used my sling in a hasty sling mode the way my Dad had showed me when I was a kid (I had not been introduced to the proper way to configure a service rifle sling yet.) I shot some Lake City 30-06 ammo that was about 50 years older than I was, I had no spotting scope or shooting mat or shooting coat. I remember I shot a score in the mid to low 400’s. And I was hooked.


Early in my shooting career I had primarily focused on practical pistol and 3 Gun tactical shooting disciplines. Running and gunning.  This High Power match was my first introduction to a true precision shooting sport. I knew as soon as I completed in that match that I had found my first true love in shooting.


Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed doing the run and gun stuff. There are few things as much fun as shooting a 3 Gun match with your buddies. But there was a purity and clear cut aspect of shooting High Power that really resonated with me. Although tactics can be interesting trying to figure out the best way to run thru a course of fire shooting at large targets set at close range, it falls a little short in the pure marksmanship department. Unlike in IPSC and other practical shooting disciplines where the majority of focus is on strategy of how to run thru a stage, pushing the line on what is allowed regarding shooting behind cover, inside shooting boxes, which side of a barricade to shoot from, where to reload etc., High Power on the other hand was all about marksmanship, pure accuracy performance, and I LOVED IT.


So it’s no surprise when I started Accuracy X, Inc. several years ago, that part of my plan was to not only build the most accurate and finest custom 1911s pistols but to also do the exact same thing in the custom rifle market.


Our X Series™ Precision Rifles from Accuracy X, Inc. are everything a custom rifle should be. They are designed to provide the most accurate platform and most reliable firing system while giving a wide range of options to the user.


At the core of an Accuracy X, Inc. precision rifle is our X Series™ action made of pre-hardened 416 stainless featuring full-length lug ways, a true one piece bolt handle design, our positive extraction system, wire EDM cut raceway and side bolt release. The body of our X Series™ action is exceptionally strong and rigid, minimizing flex under ignition.



Our superb X Series™ action gives us the perfect foundation to build a wide range of precision rifles. Accuracy X, Inc. specializes in building Tactical Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Hunting and Long Range Hunting Rifles, as well as a wide range of Competition Rifles.


Our actions are paired with the highest quality match barrels selecting the proper twist rates and profiles to optimise their performance. We thread our barrels and utilize our extremely efficient muzzle brakes when the rifles use requires extra muzzle control. We also select the right trigger group for the purpose of each custom rifle build. Some triggers are excellent on the competition range, others are better suited to the field.


We designed our X Series™ action with a Remington 700 compatible footprint which allows our barreled actions to be used with the plethora of aftermarket chassis and stocks that are available for the 700 action. This wide selection of chassis and stock choices allows our customers to choose the exact setup that works best for their build.

As for the accuracy of our custom rifles, we apply the same philosophy to our X Series™ Custom Rifles as we do to our custom 1911 pistols. We test every one of our custom rifles, and it is routine for our custom rifles to perform much better than our accuracy guarantee of ½ inch at 100 yards. Many performing in the ¼” MOA range.


Don’t just take our word for it. Check out this video showing an exhaustive test done by some of the most qualified and experienced shooters from elite Military and Law Enforcement arenas-





You can also view this review done on one of our X Series™ Precision Rifles by Guns & Ammo SNIPER MAGAZINE. As you can imaging we were very pleased with such high praise from such a prestigious publication-



We also have partnered with NightForce Optics so that we can create the most exclusive custom rifle package on the market. We chose to work with NightForce Optics because our considerable experience over the years has shown that not only is the glass and durability of NightForce Optics superb, there is no other company even in the same class to NightForce Optics when it comes to turret design and repeatability when turning the knobs. A NightForce Scope always comes back to the same zero every time. That is not our experience with other brands of optics on the market.



This approach to building a complete rifle system is just another example of how at Accuracy X, Inc. we are always setting the standards higher.


When you go into the field or to the range with a custom X Series™ Precision Rifle from Accuracy X, Inc. the one question you never have to ask yourself is do you have the most accurate, well made and reliable rifle available?


You are carrying an  X Series Custom Rifle, of course you do!