Accuracy X, Inc. 1911 Wins National Championships

Advertising is full of examples of “Win on Sunday and sell on Monday”. Automotive and Motorcycle companies have lived by this mantra since the inception of racing. The thought being if you see a Chevrolet SS win at Daytona on Sunday you’ll go to your nearest Chevy dealership on Monday and buy the first SS you see on the lot. And truth be told, that strategy really does work. Even though the only thing that is similar to the NASCAR Chevrolet SS and the “real” production SS is the bowtie logo that is on the hood. Not one part that is on the NASCAR model is used in the production model. Not one. It is all about the illusion. And the power of illusion is strong. Millions of cars are sold each year worldwide because of the marketing power that racing teams provide. The same is true of motorcycles. If Yamaha wins the MotoGP world championships then the sale of Yamaha sport bikes goes up in direct correlation to winning. Although the thoroughbred 220+ horsepower beast that they ride in MotoGP is a total prototype with almost no similarities to the Yamaha sport bikes you can by at your local dealerships. After all, a top flight MotoGP bike cost north of $2 million dollars these days. Now compare that to the $12,995 cost of riding a top of the line sport bike off the showroom floor.


Almost every part on a top race car or race bike is typically a one off prototype piece of “unobtanium” costing ridiculous amounts of money.


Now lets compare that to Accuracy X, Inc. and our PRO PLUS Series™ competition 1911s.


We created and designed our PRO PLUS Series™ model to truly be capable of winning championships at the very highest level of competition. Perfect match grade slide to frame fit, match grade and tested barrel, match grade trigger, precise target sights, rigorous accuracy testing, the list goes on. The PRO PLUS™ is purposed built to do one thing- WIN!



So when we gave our PRO PLUS Series™ 1911s from Accuracy X Inc. the slogan “Ready to Win” we meant it. It is not just a slogan, it is a promise!


That has never been made more clear than this year at the National Championships at Camp Perry, Ohio. When we delivered a brand new PRO PLUS Series™ 1911 to one of our customers the night before the big match.


The customer took the pistol literally right out of the padded logo gun case and took it to the line and won not one, but two national championship titles with it. With no time to practice or to get familiar with the pistol,  he went straight to the firing line for the match.

No special ammunition was used either, the shooter used factory match Atlanta Arms ammunition. The very same type of ammo we test our 1911s with here at Accuracy X, Inc.


This pistol was not a one off, super secret, special model made for only one shooter to shoot in just one type of match. This PRO PLUS Series™ 1911 with our Multi-Sight™ system was built to the exact same specifications that each and every other PRO PLUS™ 1911 is made to, here at Accuracy X, Inc.


Imagine if you could really go and buy the exact same Chevrolet SS off the showroom floor that Jimmie Johnson drives, or the same MotoGP Yamaha that Valentino Rossi rides from your local Yamaha dealer. As we all know, that is impossible except in our dreams.  


But it is not a dream with the PRO PLUS Series™ 1911s from Accuracy X, Inc. For $3995, you can have the exact same  PRO PLUS competition model 1911 that Jon Shue used to win both the Citizen Military Pistol Trophy and the Anheuser-Busch Trophy with at the 2017 Civilian Marksmanship Program National Championships at Camp Perry.



It is a very rare thing to truly be able to own and use the exact same quality equipment that the very best athletes use. After all,  part of the competitive advantage of being a top athlete is you get access to the very best tools and equipment.


At Accuracy X, Inc. we don’t just build special super accurate 1911s for the world’s best shooters, we build them for everyone.


Our philosophy is at least once in their life, everyone deserves to own the absolute very best of something of which they are passionate about. No compromises, no short cuts, the very best in every way.

That is exactly what the PRO PLUS Series™ 1911 from Accuracy X, Inc. are all about.