Testing Makes Perfect – The Story of our Custom 1911s and Rifles

In today’s world, every company, who makes a widget of some kind, makes claims about how their product is the best and how it out performs all its competitors.

The firearms industry is no different. It seems that everyone says they have the most accurate and reliable rifle or pistol ever made. Most advertisements show a test target of some kind, many manufacturers include test targets with their products. It reminds me of how on just about every minivan you see on the road,  a “My kid is an Honor Student” sticker is on the bumper. It begs the question if everyone’s kid is an Honor student then what does being an Honor student really mean? They can’t all be straight A students can they? And if they are, then making A’s isn’t what it used to be.

It is the same question with firearms. If everyone has the most accurate pistol, then what does that mean? Can they all be the most accurate pistol? The answer is self-evident, and it is a sign of the times we live in. We live in a 24/7 cycle of hype and promotion. Everywhere, all the time. That doesn’t mean that these claims are intentionally fraudulent, I am sure many of these companies from their perspective may actually believe their products are the best and most accurate. But believing something and saying something, are very different from proving something.

At Accuracy X, Inc., we understood this dilemma when we started the company. It was this understanding that drives our very simple philosophy-

If you’re not testing, you’re just guessing.

At Accuracy X, Inc. we didn’t just want to make accuracy claims and send a test target with our custom 1911s like other companies do. We insisted on a full and transparent testing process so our customers and the public can see exactly how we test our products, and how our products actually perform. We didn’t want our customers to have to take our word for it. We wanted to prove it to them beyond any doubt.

That is why our Youtube Channel –


is full of testing videos showing us testing our pistols at  50 and 25 yards and even 100 yards!. These are uncut videos showing the full test from the first shot to the last shot without any cuts or alterations. Using a smartphone camera we videoed and posted our first 50 yards testing video on Feb. 28th, 2013. I remember it was fairly cold that day and a little windy.  In that video we showed one of our custom 1911s shooting a 1.27” 10 shot group at 50 yards. It wasn’t the best quality and it was a bit shaky, but that first video set the stage for Accuracy X.

(Our first custom 1911 test video link below)


We have built a lot of 1911s and rifles since that first video. Each one of them put through our now famous accuracy testing process. With each custom 1911 and rifle we build, Accuracy X’s reputation has grown. It is now well know that Accuracy X, Inc. proves our accuracy claims like none other. Approaching a million collective views on social media sights from all over the globe, Accuracy X is no longer the best-kept secret anymore. We are pleased to have been able to show a wide audience what “true” accuracy means, and that it doesn’t have to be an anomaly.

When we first posted our now legendary 100 yard 1911 testing video back in 2013, nothing like that had ever been seen before. To my knowledge, nothing like that has been done since. But it showed how serious Accuracy X was about setting high standards and then meeting them.

(100 yard custom 1911 test video link below)


When we started the company, we understood that our path to success rested upon building one superb rifle or pistol at a time and pleasing one customer at a time. By over-delivering on our promises, we felt in time, our reputation for excellence would grow. Indeed it has grown. Over these past few years, we have been fortunate enough to build Accuracy X custom 1911s and custom rifles for some of the most talented and accomplished shooters on the planet. We are very grateful and humbled to have such tremendous shooting talent trust Accuracy X, Inc. to build a product that is equal to their tremendous shooting skills.

At the root of all of Accuracy X’s success is still one consistent thread- testing, Testing, TESTING.

Our obsession with testing our products to the most rigorous accuracy and reliability standards is what has ensured our success. Because when you make a performance or accuracy guarantee, and then you video the complete testing process and show it to the world, it leaves you no place to hide. You either meet and exceed your goals or be exposed as a failure.

At Accuracy X, Inc., failure is not an option. That is not to say we have not experienced failure, we certainly have. We have had many failures in product development. We have tried many things that did not deliver the results we demanded or expected. But in each of those failures, we gained valuable data and insight. We got hard earned experience and we took that information and applied it to the next try. Just like climbing a mountain, no matter how high. If you keep putting one foot in front of the other, eventually you have to get to the top. The only real enemy is complacency or giving up.

When we started, we truly believed we could make a better and more accurate 1911 and rifle. We set out to accomplish that task. The challenge has been difficult and it has been a hard and very tiring pursuit at times.

Accuracy X, Inc. thrives on the constant challenge to get better, to be better, to do better. Because of that, it is oh so satisfying to accomplish things no one else thought possible.

With every new testing video we post, we continue to prove, that better and more accurate are always possible.