Customer Testimonials

"I started shooting bullseye three years ago. I quickly discovered that performance can be stifled by substandard equipment. I spent a lot of time and money piecing together an adequate ball gun. That gun spent more time with the gunsmith than with me practicing. I decided that if I wanted to achieve my goals in bullseye, I would need an excellent pistol. Accuracy X built me that pistol and I have never been disappointed. I went distinguished in 2014 at Camp Perry with an Accuracy X pistol. I made the President's 100 in 2015 with an Accuracy X pistol. I highly recommend Accuracy X to anyone who wants to win."

Anton B. - Virgina

"You have built me an in creditably accurate .45 wadgun that's very reliable. Since I took ownership I've not had a single malfunction. It has a great barrel fit and lock-up and the best 3 1/2lb crisp trigger I've ever used. My score's continue to improve and I enjoy shooting my new Accuracy X .45. Thank you for building such a quality product."

Keith S. - Michigan

"I had my Accuracy X Pro Guardian 1911 built for me by Accuracy X right here in Virginia, USA. This was an excellent personal experience which made it even more meaningful as every step of the way was satisfied up to the delivery of the pistol. Steve Huff, the owner and the master gun maker was extremely gracious to allow me to see his operation during my trip to pick up the pistol. It was truly worth the 6 month wait and a 5 hour trip to meet the maker. His operation is uniquely attuned to the needs of the seasoned 1911 afficianados. From the fabrication using the best available materials to the accuracy testing that he does for every 1911 he produces, is incredibly smooth and dedicated. What an experience! Mr. Huff is unique in that he is also a Champion and Distinguished Pistol shot of the 1911. This truly makes him the consummate creator of the finely crafted and uniquely personal pistols that he creates for his clients. Mine is uniquely mine and it is rock solid, even after more than 600 rounds and almost daily carry for more than a year. I could never out shoot this pistol. The pistol feels perfect as an IWB carry weapon. Smooth and cultured and yet it is ready for action right out of the holster. The pistol seems to shoot better each time it is taken out to the range. The was trigger smoothed to 3.5LB new and it is still pulls and shoots the same. After service needs were easily and personally handled through Mr. Huff for excellent and timely results. I am a fan for life, for sure."

Andy L- Virginia

"Steve, This is one fantastic pistol. The first time I took it to the range, the first five shots on a timed fire target was 5 x's. I've always told people "On the firing line your only as good as your equipment" This is the Perfect Pistol!!!"

Joe R. - WVa.

"Its been about a year since I received my X Series pistol, and I could not be happier. Have you ever ordered something and had to wait patiently for that item to be shipped to you, only to be disappointed when it arrived? I ordered my Accuracy X pistol at Camp Perry 2014. You told me that I would have my X Series pistol in my hands by June 2015, and get this, NO deposit upfront! You are a man of your word. I had my gun on time and on budget. Best of all, I was definitely NOT disappointed with my purchase. As a matter of fact, I scored my highest score ever with my X Series! I am the owner of several 1911 pistols and have had the opportunity to handle and shoot many custom built guns. My Accuracy X 1911 is by far the finest built 1911 I have ever had the pleasure to shoot. My thanks to you and the very talented gunsmiths that put so much into building such great shooting guns. Thanks again Steve you are a stand up guy with a great company. I will see you at Perry to place another order."

Rob C. - Florida

"I am delighted with my precision pistol made by Accuracy X. A very fine piece of workmanship and as accurate a 1911 that can be made. I could not be more pleased!"

Jim L. - Ohio