Multi-Sight Info Sheet

The Multi-Sight system finally gives you the power to use your 1911 the way YOU CHOOSE!

The Multi-Sight™ System from Accuracy X, Inc. allows one 1911 pistol to be arranged into several shooting configurations. Each Multi-Sight™ module adds additional capabilities to your 1911.

Accuracy X, Inc. offers replacement slides for customers existing 1911s, allowing customers the ability to update their own 1911s to the Multi-Sight™ System, or to build their own custom Multi-Sight™ 1911.
The Multi-Sight™ System is also an available option on the PRO, PRO Plus and X Series™ 1911s from Accuracy X.

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"Thanks for all the effort you put into my Wad gun. I have been shooting it for two years and to date have never had a malfunction or alibi. My first trip to the range was highlighted by a Timed Fire score of 99 -7 X with a "called" 9. More recently, at the end of a practice session I fired 17 shots at a 50' Slow Fire target. The score was an amazing 166. That is right, four 9's out of 17 shots. I am anxiously awaiting the delivery of my new Accuracy X Ball gun."

Art L. - Michigan

PRO Series™

Pro Series Spec Sheet

Fine 1911s should be made by craftsmen, not assembly lines. Introducing the PRO Series™ by Accuracy X, Inc.

The PRO Series™ is how it should be. 100% American made by craftsmen who refuse to compromise. Each PRO Series™ 1911 is painstakingly crafted to perfection, resulting in the most accurate and reliable 1911s made from the finest components, including our drop forged match fitted slide and frame, match grade barrel and trigger, and much more.
Break the status quo, Go PRO!

Applying decades of gunsmithing experience, the craftsmen of AXI build each PRO Series™ 1911 to exacting standards, ensuring no detail is overlooked. Drop forged match fitted slides and frames, crisp triggers, accurate match barrels, precise checkering, beavertail safeties as well as top quality sights are all standard features on our PRO Series™ 1911s.

Every firearm Accuracy X, Inc. creates is proudly made in our shop located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, using our 100% USA made parts.

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"It has been a pleasure doing business with you. You really do make the customer feel special when you take the time to answer questions no matter how simple or complex. I would like to add phone response by you is incredible.
I don't know how you manage that as busy as you must be. The pistol you made me, a 1911 X Series for CMP is simply a masterpiece."

Ray M. - North Carolina

PRO+ Series™

Pro Plus Spec Sheet

The PRO PLUS Series™ is ready to win. It is designed to meet the needs of the Bullseye and competitive shooter. With the ability to shoot 10 X's in a row at 50 yards you don't have to worry about your X count. If your focus is performance, reliability and value then the PRO PLUS Series™ is what you've been looking for. Both the Metallic and Wadgun configurations of our PRO PLUS Series™ 1911s are priced at $3,995.

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Pro Plus Pro Plus

"When I decided I could afford a BAD A$$ Open Gun to shoot NRA Action Pistol and already had the opportunity to shoot your first one, it was a no brainer!! You said it would be a year wait... THAT is VERY reasonable for what you delivered!!! It runs like a swiss clock and your display box that my "X Series" came with it was well thought out and makes it a very Xtra special buy!! Can't wait for the next ACTION PISTOL SEASON!!! Thanks to you and your TEAM, I was able to out X some of the competition!!!
'Shoot 10's settle for X's'"

Wes F. - Ohio

X Series™

X Series Spec Sheet

The X Series™ from Accuracy X, Inc. represent the pinnacle of custom firearm perfection. The X Series™ was created for those who aren't looking for compromise. When excellent isn’t good enough, you choose the X Series™. Whether its one of our custom 1911s or precision hunting or tactical rifles, AXI has only one goal when building our X Series™: Absolute perfection!

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X Series Pistol Gallery X Series Rifle Gallery

"Now that I've had a chance to put my new X Series, with the Aimpoint Dot on the K.C. mount, through its paces, I have to tell you: This is by far the nicest pistol I've ever handled. The 1.2" group size is phenomenal and the fit and finish is gorgeous. The performance has been flawless. Sorry for accusing you of putting too light a trigger on it--it felt so light but it really did weigh the required 3-1/2 lbs! I have no doubt this pistol will take me to Master and beyond. I'm saving my pennies so you can build me a new service pistol with the new multi sight system (X-Series, of course).
Also, thanks for the time spent on the phone discussing this gun's design, reloading advice and even advice on a new 22 which has nothing to do with Accuracy X. You're not a just a premier pistol manufacturer, you're a friend. See you at Camp Perry."

Mike S. - New Jersey



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"Just wanted to give you some follow up now that I've had my X for about a year.
I've got 5 other 1911s including a Cabot that I recently purchased, which is a beautiful gun but clearly not made to shoot ;-)
Your 1911 is as accurate as advertised.
Of all my pistols (and I have more than 30) it is my favorite to shoot. Thanks for making such a great product"

Michael L. - Florida



Training Video

Accuracy X, Inc. is a leading provider of Law Enforcement, Competition and Tactical Weapons training and was founded by Steve Huff, a competitive shooter of 20+ years. (Click here for Steve's bio.) The only shooter to go Distinguished across the Rifle, Pistol, Revolver, and Action Pistol disciplines, Steve holds 6 Distinguished Shooting Badges and is also a 3-gun tactical and Olympic (ISSF) rapid-fire shooter. All clients - including elite Military, Federal/State/Local SWAT and SRT units - receive training at our full-service facility that advances operator and competitor skills, performance, and survivability.

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"Just wanted to say thank you for the 45 wad-gun and all the effort put into it. The pistol has proven to be flawlessly reliable and superbly accurate. The fine tuning you performed on the trigger and the custom touches to fit my hand were greatly appreciated. I was also impressed with the outstanding appearance and presentation of the pistol, I look forward to owning and shooting this pistol for many years to come."

Barry S - Virginia

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"Hands down the best 1911's I've ever shot! The attention to detail and subtle good looks really make these guns special. Definitely something you'll want to hand down to the kids when it's their time to start shooting and winning!"

Jim H.- Georgia