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X Series™ precision rifles represent the pinnacle in custom rifle perfection. Our custom rifles are created for those who aren’t looking for compromise. Accuracy X, Inc. has only one goal when building our X Series™ custom rifles, absolute perfection.

When excellent isn’t good enough you choose an X Series™ Precision Rifle from Accuracy X, Inc.

At the core of an Accuracy X, Inc. precision rifle is our X Series™ action made of pre-hardened 416 stainless featuring full-length lug ways, a true one piece bolt handle design, our positive extraction system, wire EDM cut raceway and side bolt release. The body of our X Series™ action is exceptionally strong and rigid, minimizing flex under ignition. Our actions are available in both right and left hand models and an integral picatinny rail is also an option.

We pair our X Series™ actions with premium match barrels tailored to the the application and purpose of the rifle build. Accuracy X, Inc. specialize in building custom precision hunting rifles as well as tactical rifles, sniper rifles and competition rifles for a wide range of disciplines including Long Range, F Class, Precision Rifle Series competitions and others.

Utilizing the finest chassis and stocks each X Series™ custom rifle is crafted to specifically meet the needs and demands of the customer. Using match grade triggers and premium optics each X Series™ custom rifles is created to do only one thing, put shot after shot into the same hole. Whether shooting at 100 yards or 1 mile, X Series™ custom rifles are second to none.

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X Series™ Action Features:

Prehardened 416 stainless body
Rem 700 compatible design
Integral 20 MOA scope rail available
Full-length Lug Ways
Positive Extraction System
True one piece bolt handle
Wire EDM-cut Raceway
Side Bolt release

X Series™ Rifle Options:

Match Trigger
Various Stock and Chassis options
Threaded Muzzle Brakes
Right and Left hand models
NightForce Optics options
X Armor™ finish
Cerakote™ finish
Single Feed configuration
Detachable magazine configuration
Hinged Floorplate configuration
Actions and barreled actions also available upon request